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Hannam & Taylor

Hannam & Taylor are the creators of some of the most stunning handcrafted Shepherds’ Huts in the UK. Working closely with our clients we design and build each hut to your specific requirements. We are dedicated to sourcing the finest sustainable materials to ensure your Hut is environmentally friendly and built to the highest standards.

attention to detail

Our talented team of master craftsmen work tirelessly to ensure that every detail of your bespoke Shepherds’ Hut is of the highest quality and finished to impeccable standards.



Combining modern techniques and materials with traditional methods, Hannam & Taylor create Huts which are akin to the traditional Shepherds’ Hut but with modern living as the focus. We adapt and innovate to configure your Hut interior to your specifications, leaving you with a versatile space in which to work, rest and/or play.

for 2021

We have few remaining build slots available for build and delivery in 2021, call 01344 266406 or email lacy@hannamtaylor.co.uk for more details.